Commission Painted Triton Paladin Miniature, Mantic

Triton Paladin Miniature Commission: conversion and painting. For this mini I sculpted the shield changing the hand crossbow by it on the left arm. For painting I used Citadel paints and some Scale75 paints for metallic effects. Of course at the end I applied two layers of matt coat to protect the mini from chipping, since it will be used in tabletop D&D RPG.

The mini represents Helios Aegaeon, male triton paladin. Will it be an ally or enemy of the characters? Is he a defender of all the tritons or a renegade?

Why he use the eye patch? What do you think? Here some of my assumptions:

  • He can detect magic / alignment / lies with his left eye. And it’s not very comfortable to live with this active power all the time…
  • He has a curse
  • He can launch a destructive beam / spell…
  • He has a «dragon» eye and can see 360º (blindsense or blindsight), but using it all the time tires him

Sculpting of the shield

Photos of Painted Triton Paladin Miniature, Mantic


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