Frozen Fire Arts Miniature Painting Service, Warhammer 40k Conversions

Frozen Fire Arts is a Miniature Painting Studio that offers Professional Miniature Painting Service. Sculpting, making conversions and painting miniatures is one of our life passions! We hope to give each model a special touch making it unique and surprise you pleasantly!


Miniature Painting Service

Do you need custom painted miniatures for your Pathfinder or D&D Campaign? Paint your Wizkids miniatures and D&D figurines with us! Are you from US, Canada, Australia or EU? – No matter where you are – Contact us for miniature painting commission and custom D&D Miniatures, we ship worldwide!

custom painted miniatures

Also we have stock of painted miniatures in our Etsy Store with Worldwide Shipping, check out our painted D&D miniatures for sale!

Do you like Warhammer 40k Conversions? Would you like to have a different Daemon Prince than usual? Or may be customized Death Guard Rhino? We are open to listen to your idea and make it happen!

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Custom orders & commissions are always welcome, contact us!