Ogre Mage Miniature, Multichromatic Color Scheme

Painted Ogre Mage Miniature from Reaper Bones Minis!

I was practicing multichromatic color scheme on this miniature. All parts (armour, skin, shield, leather…) were painted with at least five colors. A lot of different colors provides visual complexity to the miniature. Thus the miniature «demands» more time to be visualized in its entirety, which is why it gains depth and personality.

It’s essential to use color theory to paint with this technique. In this mini three different analogous colors schemes were used for skin, armor and shield.

To use this technique it is necessary to make constant mixtures of colors and their respective transition tones. I cannot imagine being able to do it without a big wet palette!


Photos of Painted Ogre Mage Miniature, Reaper Bones

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