Painted D&D Skeleton Miniatures, Ghost Miniatures, Undead, Reaper

Professionally Painted Undead Miniatures, Ghost Miniatures and D&D Skeleton Miniatures. We Paint all type of Undeads: Zombies, Ghouls, Skeletons, Ghosts, Vampire Miniature… Are you looking for Zombicide Painted Miniatures? Contact us for Zombicide Horde Box Commission! Need your Strahd Von Zarovich Miniature Painted? Do not hesitate and ask for your Vampire Miniature custom order!


Take a look at the store stock, may be we have on sale your favourite lich o necromancer miniature. If not, ask us for custom order!

Undead / Zombie / Ghost/  Vampire / Lich / D&D Skeleton Miniatures

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